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H. E. Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Cohen is a member of NMIA, and is the representative of Admir there. Welcome to the National Military Intelligence Association's online member community. We hope you will explore the various features our site has to offer. We have created this online space for you to log on and create a dynamic member profile, collaborate on projects, share your ideas and expertise – and, most important, connect with your fellow members.The National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) is a national association of intelligence professionals. NMIA was founded in 1973at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Members include military and civil service professionals actively engaged in military intelligence careers as well as reserve, former and retired intelligence personnel and U.S. citizens who have an interest in intelligence and support the vital role of military intelligence in safeguarding our nation's security.NMIA is dedicated to the support of U.S. security. NMIA seeks to stimulate awareness of the need for effective military intelligence as a critical component of national security. The Association also fosters activities and programs designed to enhance the theoretical and practical foundations of the intelligence "discipline,” and to contribute to the effectiveness of the intelligence professionals who are vital to the successful pursuit of the military intelligence mission of the Services and Agencies as well as thoseworking in military intelligence, other national security activities, homeland defense, law enforcement, and other fields.

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